Ohalo Manor Hotel - Hotel Facilities


 The Ohalo hotel's restaurant is located on the southern shores of the Kinneret, between spectacular date palms and a varied green landscape. The restaurant serves Ohalo's guests including local and incoming tourists.
The hotel's restaurant which overlooks the unique landscape of the Kinneret provides a variety of meals for groups of traveling tourists coming to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Conference rooms

 Business Lounge with two computer workstations free of charge

Free wireless internet

 Free wireless internet throughout the hotel

Trips and tours

 Trips and tours in a variety of subjects: the first settlement, the cemetery of the Sea of Galilee and match more.

Rustic style lobby

 A lobby with a rustic design to enhance the home and intimate atmosphere.

Playground area

  Gardens and lawns, and children's play area.

Free parking

  300 free parking spaces, disabled access and more.